Emotional paintings

They exist beyond our material needs. It’s impossible to touch them or take away. They are inside us. They are things which can’t be bought. When we lose them, we feel devastated. They are:

  • Love
  • Hope
  • Faith

More than just a tourist attraction

Each nation has a sacred place. For Jewish people it’s The Wailing Wall, to which they turn while praying. Its name appeared during the period of the Roman Empire when the Jews were barred from Jerusalem and were allowed to attend it only on the day of national mourning for the Temples. Through ages The Wailing Wall has been the symbol of hope and faith. Nowadays it’s still a holy site for Jewish prayers and pilgrimage. My grandfather was Jewish, so every year he went to the city and put a note into a crack in the Wall. In fact, these notes have turned into a real tradition. Tourists all around the world write them, asking for health, happiness and love. If I had a chance to write one, I’d ask for peace.

Grandpa’s favorite artist

I’ve already mentioned that sharing your thoughts with public is very important. If you’re a scientist, you should talk about your experiments in the open. If you’re a photographer as me, you should organize an exhibition and invite people without being afraid of critics. If you’re a painter, show your emotions to viewers! Just like Leonid Afremov – a famous Jewish Belarusian artist. My grandpa admired his oil canvases, so when I found the picture of The Wailing Wall in Afremov’s online gallery, I decided to buy it in his memory. This piece of canvas wall art means a lot to me. It shows the importance of Jewish traditions that are held sacred even nowadays.

The power of art

Contemporary wall art on canvas can have great influence on us. The vivid palette Leonid Afremov chose for his oil paintings isn’t accidental. Colorful reflections, bright lights and motley sky you can see in his landscapes and cityscapes create a holiday atmosphere, so you’ll always be in high spirits. The size of each work is indicated in the gallery making it easy to find the one that will suit the room best. If you plan to hang it in the living room, you’d better purchase a piece of large contemporary canvas wall art. Believe me, no matter which of the artist’s pictures you buy, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with your choice! I’m telling you, I’ve never seen anything better than this canvas wall art! Contemporary works by Leonid Afremov won’t leave you indifferent!

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Emotional paintings

A key to success

My job isn’t tough or dangerous. Sometimes I catch cold as all normal people do, but it doesn’t count. Being a photographer, you’re always carried away by an interesting game called ‘Life’. You’re like a cat that is after a beautiful bird. The difference is that when you catch it, you don’t eat it – you show it to the others. So when the photo appears in the exhibition, it means that you’ve let the bird out – it’s free.

Unfortunately, my relatives don’t share my passion. I always hear from them: ‘You’d better get married instead of running in and out a dozen of times a day!’ At first I was offended but then I got used to the opinion of people who think that Leonardo da Vinci was a ninja turtle. For me, attitude to work defines the level of a person’s professionalism. I’ll give you an example. Here’s a great article about a man who’s dedicated his career to studying cognitive neuroscience: http://www.nsf.gov/discoveries/disc_summ.jsp?cntn_id=134791&org=NSF. Of course, he’s done many researches, but what is more, he wants to share his knowledge with the public. He substitutes sophisticated terms by pop culture words, so that common people can understand his ideas. The readers are contented to be part of the informal dialogue and get to know how our brain works. In his turn, the scientist gets feedback and his work won’t be lost in the tones of scrap paper. So if you love your job, you should never stop exploring new opportunities. Share the results with the public and it’ll reward you!

A key to success

Autumn in Denver

Turn left. Then turn right. Ok, and say Che-e-e-se! – that’s what I ask people to do every day. I’m an amateur photographer from Denver. My name’s Jack Waters, I’m thirty-four and I’m single if it matters to you, ladies. Now it’s autumn in my city, so I put on a coat, take my camera and go for a photo hunt. I like to observe how people change when a new season begins. In autumn they seem to be more thoughtful, and maybe a little bit sadder than in summer. They try to hide gloomy mood under bright scarves and multicolored umbrellas. I’m gonna watch this vivid picture until the white winter erases it and creates its own piece of art.


Autumn in Denver